Broccoli benefits for skin

A new study has shown that green vegetables , broccoli , cauliflower , effectively reduces skin cancer , just take it to wipe direct skin .

Researchers from the University of Arizona and John Hopkins University , USA , said green vegetables such as broccoli Broccoli contains a compound called sulforaphane force to prevent skin cancer . Not only will these compounds effectively inhibit chemical reactions cause cancer , such as AP-1 proteins , but it is also creating a network of genes to protect healthy tissue (Chemoprotective Gens) . These genes help protect healthy tissue from being destroyed by the poison of the drugs used for the treatment of cancer .

Dr. Sally Dickinson assistant research team , said : ‘ We are searching for the best method to prevent skin cancer , the method enough for public use .

He continued : Sulforaphane compounds may be the best champion in the prevention of skin cancer caused by radiation Ultrasound Purple . The most recent results of the research team at the Institute of Food Research ( IFR ) , the United Kingdom also added weight from the effects of broccoli , cauliflower blue . The researchers believe that the compound called Sulforaphane has the ability to create weapons against cancer for the body . By experimenting Sulforaphane is produced more and more when they eat Broccoli contains more Glucoraphanin compounds .

Dr Maria Traka , said : Sulforaphane compounds are very important . If , based on the evidence in the experiments have shown that it can help maintain the balance of anti antioxidant physical resistance to the effects of diet , environment , as well as the elements that lead to other cancers .

To get the same benefit to recount the beginning you should eat 3 or 4 of cauliflower a week . Some people can be difficult, but see the huge benefits that each family should eat it 3-4 times a week .